MacK's Music

Sorry, no actual music is up here yet. I only have a small amount recorded anyway. Instead of sounds, here's some pictures of some musical happenings.
Every year, the illustrious Dave Haynie (also known as "Hazy Dave") throws a party at his house. Along with the usual crowd of heavy drinkers, some musicians usually show up, often with a good supply of electrical equipment. A couple of years ago, Dave built a stage for us, um, I mean a porch for his family, and we set up there and play until the Police come. Then we move into his garage and keep going.

Last year was something special, because there was all kinds of involvement and the music was very good. The Unplanned Swampland Band played extended sets, with various band members coming and going as beer was required, but the music kept rolling along. Here are some pictures from the event.

The core of the Band. From left to right: Ross Hippley on lead guitar, MacK on keyboard, guitar and vocals, Dave Haynie on vocals, Mike Rivers on bass, guitar and vocals, and Dale Larson on percussion.
The lead guitar and keyboard team, deep into some slow blues.
The bass and percussion team, pounding some hot rhythms.

All photos by the beautiful Connie Michener